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Episode 95 - O.G. (Original Gamers)

We're back! After taking a week off we're back in full force with news about the defeat of SOPA, George Lucas' retirement and rumors about the future of video game consoles. We also put flash back to the good old days when video games were 8 bit (and we were happy to have it) and talk about some of our favorite gaming memories. So grab some Pop Rocks and blow the dust off that cartridge; it's game time!


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Show Notes

New Releases
  • This Week:
    • Movies - Man on a Ledge, One For the Money, The Grey
    • Blu-rays - 50/50, Paranormal Activity 3, Real Steel
    • Games - Never Dead, Silent Hill HD Collection
  • Next Week:
    • Movies - Big Miracle, Chronicle, The Innkeepers, The Woman in Black, W E
    • Blu-ray - Dream House, Drive, In Time, The Thing
    • Games - Crush 3D, Final Fantasy XIII-2,Soul Calibur V, Spec Ops: The Line, Starhawk
Fall / Winter Movie Game News Main Story
  • Old video games
    • What was your first game system?
    • What game hooked you?
    • Any stories about waiting in line to get a game / system?
    • Favorite game series?
    • Most disappointing game?
    • What game pissed you off the most?
    • What game did you never beat and always regret not doing so?
    • Have you ever pretended that you played a game to go along with a conversation?
    • Guy-den or Gay-den? Roo or Re-yu?

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