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Episode 77 - An Awesome Train Wreck

Yeah, the video didn't screw up on us! Yeah, the audio sounded good! Yeah, Optimusgene & MiAmoreNYC are having twins! Yeah for everyone! Well almost everyone; PSN is taking away your rights, Bucky Larson could be one of the worst movies ever, the Wii U may be having development issues and Hollywood keeps giving Tyler Perry more money. Boo to them but yeah to everything else!

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  • This Week:
    • Movies - Drive, I Don’t Know How She Does It, Restless, Straw Dogs
    • DVDs - Thor, Star Wars
    • Games - Arcade 3D
  • Next Week:
    • Movies - Abduction, Dolphin Tail, Killer Elite, Machine Gun Preacher, Moneyball
    • DVDs - Bridesmaids
    • Games - Gears of War 3



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