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Breaking Bad

Submitted by:

Miyavi Yu

What would you do if you found out you only had 2 years to live? If you found out that after doing everything right and what’s expected of you all your life you were told that you had stage 3 lung cancer… when you never even done so much as smoke a cigarette. Now, what would you do to make sure your family was well provided for long after your inevitable death? Would you get another job… invest in some mutual funds… or would you quit doing what’s expected of you and break bad for the sake of your family? This is the predicament that Walter White (Bryan Cranston) is in. So Walter decides to break bad and put his chemistry skills to good use by cooking meth with, Jesse Pinkman, a former student of his to make sure his family is well provided for. So what could possibly go wrong?

So like I partially mentioned earlier Breaking Bad is a drama series on AMC about a chemistry teacher, Walter White, who finds out he has advanced lung cancer shortly after his 50th birthday. Remembering a drug bust that he saw earlier at his birthday party he asks his brother-in-law, who’s in the D.E.A., if he can tag along on a drug bust of a Meth lab. Sometime during the bust, Walter comes across his former chemistry student, Jesse Pinkman, who was actually the partner of the person who got busted. Soon after, Walter proposes an offer to Jesse that they go into business together of cooking and selling Meth. Of course, with his partner gone, Jesse doesn’t really have any other choice if he wants to keep living the good life. It doesn’t take very long for the shit to hit the fan as Walter has drug dealers threatening his life, dead bodies to dispose of, and trying to keep his double life and cancer a secret from his loving family. And that’s pretty much the synopsis of Season 1 of Breaking Bad.

Season 2 of this show picks things up at a more intense rate. Walter’s medical bills begin to pile up with all his new cancer treatment operations which causes him to take producing Meth to a whole new level. In this season: hearts get broken, people get arrested, and friends get murdered. In Season 3, however, things tend to get a bit crazy as… well I can’t really go into any details about Season 3 without giving away some important information about the previous seasons. What I can say is that season 3 ends with a bang… literally.

Just like the show Weeds, it doesn’t take too long for the series to go from kind of intense to bat-shit crazy. For the record, I do like this show more than Weeds… mainly because I like Walter White more so than the mom from Weeds… and I’m not talking about the actor themselves but the characters that they play… but also the actors themselves. This show has won 6 Emmy Awards. 3 of those awards were won by Bryan Cranston as he won Best Leading Actor in a Drama Series for 3 consecutive years. Aaron Paul, Jesse Pinkman, won an Emmy in 2010 for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series. Overall Breaking Bad has won 16 awards and been nominated for 40. So I know I’m not the only one that likes this show. If you haven’t yet, I hope you give this show a watch. The first 3 seasons are on Netflix for some instant viewing pleasure… which is how I honestly came across this show… though I had heard of it around the time it came out; I just didn’t think AMC could make a show that I’d actually like to watch on the weekly basis.

This show has pretty much everything you could want from a drama series… except zombies. Simply put, this is a great show. It’s a shame that this show’s next season will be its final one… though the 5th season might get split up into two seasons. So if the 5th season isn’t the last one than the 6th season definitely will be. I know a show like this can’t last forever without getting shitty, but I at least hoped that Vince Gilligan, the creator, would do a few more seasons for the show before stopping for good… but I digress. Anyways, GREAT SHOW…WATCH IT NOW!!!

Miyavi Yu is one of the newest contributors on You can find him on Xbox Live @ Miyavi Yu. You can also find him on Twitter @Ian_Graziano.


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Miyavi Yu - 5

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