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Ethan Eternal Chapter 16 - The Prisoners

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Cyrus Martin

"Debra leaned against the filth saturating the icy window. Her left eye pressed firmly against the pale glass and a gentle tear ran down onto her neck. The hum of the car’s engine lulled her into a dreary trance. The world was too horrible to be real. There was no love or joy left to find here. She would wait until these men were done with her and then... and then... well... what difference did it make now?"

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Cyrus Martin is a founding contributor of He is also the co-host of the Group Therapy weekly podcast. Cyrus is author of Ethan Eternal, the first book in the Perry Long saga. Cyrus has also written and self-published a book, Deceit & Conquest, programmed a video game based on Deceit & Conquest and self-produced a full length movie, Dawn of Twilight. You can follow him on Twitter @cyrusmartin.

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