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Fallout: New Vegas

Submitted by:

Miyavi Yu

It's a nice night out in the middle of the Mojave Wasteland as you, a courier, are on your way to deliver a mysterious package to New Vegas. Until a mysterious man shoots you in the head and leaves you for dead. Luckily for you though, a robot named Victor comes to your aid and brings you to the nearest doctor in Goodsprings. Now that you are all patched up, it is now your goal to find out who shot you and why. This is where your story begins.

After waiting two years for a sequel to the incredible Fallout 3, the long awaited sequel is finally here, and well worth the wait, as Fallout: New Vegas is here to play. Fallout: New Vegas plays alot like Fallout 3, in the sense that you level up the same, upgrade your skills the same and generally play the game the exact same way. Luckily though, the aiming system known as VATS also works the exact same way as it did in Fallout 3.  This is good news, I mean because lets face it there is something instantly gratifying, and never tiring, about shooting someone's head off over and over again in the VATS system. No matter how many times you do this, you will feel a sense of instant gratification each and every time.

New Vegas does have a few new things about it to make it a bit different and set this game apart from its predecessor. Being able to add weapon modifications to your favorite guns is the first thing that comes to mind. One of the new features that sets Fallout: New Vegas apart from Fallout 3 is hardcore mode. This is an option you can turn on from the beginning of the game that gives it a more realistic feel. Hardcore mode does add a bit of challenge to the game, but not a big enough challenge that will make the game too hard. In hardcore mode, your character will dehydrate over time, get hungry, develop sleep deprivation, and all your ammunition will have some weight to them. So you will have to keep an eye on your character's inventory quite a bit so you aren't overcome, which slows you down horribly and makes it nearly impossible to fast travel, unless you have the right perk that allows you to do so. Your character will be getting dehydrated more often than anything else, so you should always make sure your character has a constant supply of purified water. The coolest part about hardcore mode, other than adding an extra challenge to the game, is the fact that you can get a 100 point achievement if you play the game from start to finish without turning hardcore mode off. 

Gambling is also a welcomed addition to New Vegas, which is an obvious one because the game takes place in Vegas. Gambling makes earning caps in this game easier than ever. I am a little upset that there is no poker in this game, but there is blackjack, however, which you can actually win to the point where you get banned from playing blackjack permanently in whichever casino you are currently playing in. The other way to earn some quick cash is to play a game called Caravan which is somewhat like blackjack but not exactly. You would have to read the rules in your instruction manual to fully understand how to play Caravan.

Fallout: New Vegas does have some of the same perks as Fallout 3, but it also has some completely new ones. In Fallout: New Vegas you level up your perk every other level, rather than every level like in Fallout 3. Another new feature in New Vegas is the upgraded companion system. When you talk to your companion, it brings up a wheel of options with several different choices, and among those choices, you can heal them, change their strategy, and you can also change their equipment. Every companion in New Vegas has their own special perk that they come with, which affects both you and your companion.

Before purchasing this game, I heard some rumors that this game has some major glitches.  Though I can't confirm if they are all true, I can inform you on the glitches I experienced in my own 60+ hour play through. In my personal playthrough I only experienced a few glitches, one of the big ones was towards the end of the game, when my dog companion Rex was constantly disappearing on me. Though I think he may have just been invisible through some type of glitch, since I had several people comment on my dog even though he wasn't anywhere to be seen. In my 60+ hour play through, I only had the game freeze on me about 3 times, and an autosave file turn corrupt on me only once which made it impossible to load. The best way to avoid these issues is to save it often and save it on multiple files. This is what I did after hearing the rumors that this game freezes all the time. In my opinion, the glitches don't change the overall experience enough for me to dislike the game, but it does change the overall experience slightly.

Despite the flaws of Fallout: New Vegas, I do like New Vegas more than Fallout 3, because New Vegas has more going for it in my opinion. Fallout 3 was just wasteland here and wasteland there, which made everything look the same. The only time you really saw a change in scenery in Fallout 3, was when you came across this little oasis in the middle of nowhere. In New Vegas however, there are cities, casino strips, forests with lodges, and mountains with snow, canyons that are covered in red dirt and large bodies of water that have no radiation in them, because New Vegas isn't as affected by the apocalypse as the Washington D.C. area of Fallout 3 was. 

For the people who liked the music of Fallout 3, well you’re in luck, because the music of New Vegas is pretty much the exact same. New Vegas might have a new list of songs and all but it's still the same old 50's and 60's music that most people will appreciate. The music adds that final touch of ambience to make the atmosphere of New Vegas feel complete.

You can also create a wide variety of things as long as you have the right ingredients.  With the right spare parts, you can create ammunition at a reloading bench, and with the right food items, you can create some tasty dishes at the campfires scattered throughout the game. These benches might add a little something extra to the game and all, but I found no use for any of them honestly. I mean anytime I needed anything, I would just go into a store and steal it when the shop owner wasn't looking.

The achievements for New Vegas, will feel kinda familiar to anyone who has played Fallout 3 because they both have story quest achievements, side quest achievements, leveling up achievements, completing certain task achievements, discovering a certain amount of location achievements and finding hidden item achievements. In Fallout 3 it was bubbleheads that you had to find, but in New Vegas its snow globes. Even though they both have leveling up achievements, in New Vegas you don't have to be a certain karma to get the achievement, you just need to be a certain level. Though you wont have to play the game multiple times to get the leveling up achievements, you will have to play the game multiple times to get some of the story quest achievements. Quite a few of the story achievements revolve around the end of the game, but you can beat the game 3 different ways, depending on which faction your on good terms with. Yes, there are multiple factions you can be on good terms with. Being on good terms with one faction will not only put you on bad terms with some of the other factions, but it will also make it impossible to complete certain quests once you are on bad terms with a faction.  So choose wisely on the road you would like to go down. Now luckily, since I had multiple save files, I didn't have to play the game 3 times to get all 3 endings and all the ending achievements. I just beat the game one way on one save file, and another way on another save file, and by the time I was done I had all the story achievements.

Now comes the end of my review, where I decide if this game is worth the buy or not.  Well it boils down to this, if you are a fan of Fallout 3 than this game is definately worth the buy, but if you never liked Fallout 3 than I really doubt that this game will change your mind.  If you do decide to play this game though, than be prepared to be playing this game for awhile.

Miyavi Yu is one of the newest contributors on You can find him on Xbox Live @ Miyavi Yu.


Rating (1 - 5)

Miyavi Yu - 4.5

Jay Red - 4.5

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