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Fierce People

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When I like an actor sometimes I want to check out everything they’ve done just to see the scope of their work, and I might find a neat little movie I’ve never heard of before. Case in point, Fierce People (based on the 2002 novel by Dirk Wittenborn of the same name). I was looking up Anton Yelchin, after watching him as Chekov in Star Trek, and wonder what else he was in. Turns out this kid’s been in quite a few movies. Anywho, what intrigued me about this film was the cast. Donald Sutherland, Diane Lane, Kristen Stewart, Elizabeth Perkins and Chris Evans- that’s a movie worth checking out in my humble opinion.

So with hubby happily watching Top Gear and I with my laptop and headphones, I clicked on Netflix- yes, this time I was actually happy we have Netflix. And here’s a little teaser of the plot...

Set in the summer of 1980, Finn (Yelchin) is preparing for his summer in South America to study the Ishkanani (Fierce People) with his father. A famous anthropologist he’s never met. But when Finn’s arrested for scoring dope for his drug addicted mother (Lane), plans change and she decides that a summer in the guest house of her former massage client, billionaire Ogden C. Osbourne (Sutherland), would be better.

Osbourne’s world of wealth, power and privilege are a culture shock for Finn and his mother, but both get quickly sucked in to the world of excess. Finn falls in love with Osbourne’s granddaughter (Stewart). But in the midst of partying, lazy days, and living in their weird world, Finn is brutally assaulted.

And I’ll leave it at that.

I really liked this movie. I call this type of movie a dialogue movie. Nothing blows up, no car chases, or zombies. It’s just about the characters and their journey. Sometimes it nice not to have your heart jump in your throat being there’s some epic plague all of humanity is running from. Hubby doesn’t really like these movies, so I usually watch them by myself.

To my surprise, I actually liked Kristen Stewart in this movie. She’s just a 15-year-old girl who likes horses. Might also have to do with the fact that her part is rather small in comparison to her Twilight roles. But I digress.

I’m a big Sutherland fan, or anything he’s in I’ll watch. He’s just awesome.

It was also nice that the horrible 80’s fashion didn’t take centre stage. The only reminder I had was the cans of TAB Elizabeth Perkins character carried around and the odd feathered hair cut.

It also makes me wonder just how weird the rich really are. Are they really oblivious the world around them? Are there really people who do nothing but live off the fortune of their family like some sort of leech? And does having more money make you more happy?

So, in short, you’re jonesin’ for a character based movie, with none of the bells and whistles mainstream movies tend to have, then check out this flick. It’s a few years old (2005) and a little quirky, but well worth it.

Duckie Andrew is one of the newest contributors on She also has a blog, Duckie's World, and has written several books. You can find her on Twitter @duckieandrew.


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Duckie - 4

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