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Legends of the Fall

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When the mood is with me, I love a good romantic epic to sweep me off my feet. You know the ones. Where men were men, and women were women and through tragedy they find each other, but something inevitably keeps them apart- think Gone with the Wind.  *Swoon*

One of my all-time, go-to romance is Legends of the Fall (1994). It’s based on the 1979 novella by Jim Harrison. I just can’t get enough and I’m pretty sure that if my hubby let me I’d watch it on a loop non-stop. For me, it’s that awesome!

This movie starts off in a remote part of Montana, about a decade before WW1 starts. It’s the story of the Ludlow family. The story centers on Colonel Ludlow (Anthony Hopkins) and his 3 sons; Alfred (Aidan Quinn) the eldest, Tristan (Brad Pitt) is the middle wild child and Samuel (Henry Thomas) is the youngest who is constantly being looked out for by his brothers and their life on a cattle ranch.

When Samuel returns from school he brings his beautiful fiancée, Susannah (Julia Ormond). All of the men are instantly smitten with her. During this time Samuel announces to his family that he’s going to Calgary to join the Canadian Expeditionary Force to help Britain in the war. Colonel Ludlow is outrage, having seen the devastation of war for himself (he fought in the Indian Wars) he staunchly opposes his sons desire to fight. But Samuel is eager to go, and his brothers join him to keep an eye on him. Susannah is left at the ranch to wait.

While at war Alfred is injured and Samuel dies in Tristan’s arms. Tristan cuts out Samuel’s heart and sends it home and then promptly goes off the deep end and scalps several German solders. He is discharged, comes home and falls in-love with Susannah. But their relationship is fraught with Tristan’s demons and guilt over Samuel’s death, and soon leaves her to travel the world. She promises to wait for him, but after several years he write, ‘All we had is dead, for I am dead. Marry another.’ Breaks my heart every time...but I digress.

I’ll leave it at that; it just gets more tragic from there. So, why then, if it gets more tragic, do I love it so? It’s such a heart-wrenching story. I can’t help myself. It may, possibly have something to do with Brad Pitt and how yummy he is in this movie...but I’m not confirming that.

What it comes down to- it’s a great story about love, sacrifice, loss and how one person can undo so many lives. I haven’t read the book yet, but it’s on my list.

The cast is strong and cast perfectly. They all give wonderful performances. Anthony Hopkins just proves he’s the shiz! And say what you will about Brad Pitt, the guy can act. Aidan Quinn plays the heart-broken congressman to a tee, and seeing ET’s Elliot, Henry Thomas, all grown up is pretty cool.

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Duckie - 5

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Angry Grinch - 3

Aubrey Lou - 4

Peru - 4

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