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Piranha 3D

Submitted by:

Jay Red

Everyone has those days when everything has just been too much, work sucked, kids are driving you crazy & you just want to relax & watch a movie & unwind. If you’re like me those days are many & often. I just want to lie down, watch a movie, nothing serious just something fun, a popcorn movie. Well Piranha is just the movie for that. It brings on the thrills but without taking itself too seriously. I was pleasantly surprised by what I watched.

This is a remake of the 1978 movie by the same name & is written & directed by Alexandre Aja. Aja is responsible for many terrifying and entertaining films such as High Tension, The Hills Have Eyes & Mirrors. That right there was enough to give me hope for this movie. This film brings together a strong cast as well with the likes of Elizabeth Shue, Ving Rhames, Christopher Lloyd, Jerry O’Connell & short appearances by Richard Dreyfuss & Eli Roth.

The movie is set in the waters of the beautiful town of Lake Victoria, a spring break hot spot. An early morning tremor opens up an underwater cave releasing thousands of prehistoric piranhas amongst the unsuspecting party goers. The killing starts quickly & mercilessly after this point. I was amazed at the amount of blood & gore in this film. It made me feel like I was watching SAW all over again, but then I realized I was enjoying myself.

There are high & low spots to this movie. It has that campy 80’s feel with plenty of gore & blood, plentiful amounts of nudity (greatly appreciated). There were a few laughs throughout but no many. Most of the time when the piranhas attacked they looked & felt well done, but when the 3D should have kicked in the CGI shows through terribly. This problem is not isolated to this movie alone; it seems all 3D movies fall short here when watching the standard version.

I found myself watching this movie & actually enjoying it. There were points when the CGI looked terrible or when Jerry O’Connell was onscreen that I thought “Come on, BOO!” Nothing against him but his character is a “Girls Gone Wild Joe Francis” rip off & is a douche bag. Be warned, if you’re squeamish & don’t like the sight of blood, then please stay away from this movie.

Other than the O’Connell & CGI complaint, I really can’t come up with a reason not to recommend this movie to anyone. I had the feeling I was watching an 80’s horror flick all over again. It really had it all for me, blood & gore, nudity & for the most part the acting was descent. And be warned if the above statement doesn’t already give you the hint “This movie is not intended for children”. It does have its short comings but nothing bad enough not to recommend it.

Netflix, Red Box or On Demand, it doesn’t matter just give this movie a chance.

Jay Red is one of the newest contributors on He is also a co-host of the Group Therapy weekly podcast. You can find him on Twitter @jayreddevil.


Rating (1 - 5)

Jay Red - 3.5

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