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Random Ramblings: Nice to Meet You, Walden Schmidt

Submitted by:

Miyavi Yu

So season 9 of Two and a Half Men premiered on September 20th,2011 where around 28 million viewers tuned in to watch Charlie Sheen’s character of Charlie Harper die off and be replaced with a depressed billionaire, Walden Schmidt, played by Ashton Kutcher.

Well, first off I have to say that not only was this the worst episode of Two and a Half Men I have ever seen but the way they ended his character was just in poor taste and just flat out awful.  And the fact that not a single person seemed to care that he was dead was just insult to injury.  The show leads you to believe that Rose murdered Charlie because he was caught cheating on her so she pushed him in front of an oncoming train as he exploded into a pile of blood and meat.  Everyone else at the funeral consisted mostly of Charlie’s ex-girlfriends who just insulted him and complained about all the STDs they caught from having sex with him.  Even Charlie’s mom faked sadness to try and sell his Malibu beach house.  This episode was really painful to watch.

When Alan was left alone with the urn that held his brother’s remains it was the only part of the episode that was ALMOST touching… until Ashton Kutcher’s character suddenly appeared on the balcony to scare Alan and make him spill Charlie’s ashes all over the floor which had to be Chuck Lorre’s final way of saying, fuck you Charlie Sheen, you’ve been replaced.

I don’t agree with either said fully during the dispute that caused all of this, but if you want to fire Charlie Sheen for doing what he did than fine but cancel the show too so it can end on a high…. decent note.  By trying to get the final word and prove you don’t need Charlie Sheen to do the show you’re really just running your own show into the ground.  I mean sure a lot of people tuned in to see how you killed off Charlie Harper but I believe it was more based around curiosity as I’m almost certain that the numbers will drop drastically after the next episode or two. 

Even if you hate Charlie Sheen you have to agree that he was the show.  Take his character away and the chemistry doesn’t work anymore.  You can’t just replace his character with someone that slightly resembles his personality and call it a day.  It doesn’t fucking work that way.  It’ll probably take two and a half episodes for people to realize that this show fucking sucks without Charlie Sheen.  So Chuck Lorre call it a day and just focus on The Big Bang Theory.  Despite what you want to think, Two and a Half Men is a failed attempt at this point.

Now, it might be too early to tell but if I had to rate this show as of now I’d have to give it a 1 out of 5.  I’ll make a half-assed prediction and say that this is probably going to be the show’s last season or at the very best second to last season.

Miyavi Yu is one of the newest contributors on You can find him on Xbox Live @ Miyavi Yu. You can also find him on Twitter @Ian_Graziano.

Reader Comments (3)

I agree with you for the most part. MiAmoreNYC & I were fans of the show when it first started but stopped watching it a few years ago. You can only watch Charlie screw up his love life, Alan be a loser and Jake being an idiot so many times.
I don't know if it was the worst episode but it wasn't good. We watched it out of curiosity to see how they would integrate Kutcher into the show; I was betting he was Charlie's long, lost love child, which actually would have made more sense.
In any case it was a slap to the face of Sheen and Lore getting in the last word. I'm sure the show will finish the season and may go another simply for the fact CBS doesn't have anything else to prop up their once rock-solid Monday night schedule. Mike & Molly is doing well but when they moved Big Bang and Rules of Engagement to other nights, they were (and still are) counting on Two & a Half Men to prop things up along with How I Met Your Mother. Not sure if Two Broke Girls is going to make or not but in order for itto do so, it needs to be book ended with big shows to keep people from flipping around. In my opinion, axe Two & a Half Men, move Big Bang back to Monday and let Rules come in mid-season for Two Broke Girls (if it makes).
You are 100% right about Sheen leaving; he made the show & they should have cut it when he did. I really think CBS thinks they are leaving money on the table if they cancelled it so they will continue to get blood from a turnip. This wasn't like replacing Darrin in Bewitched or Aunt Viv on Fresh Prince, this was like replacing Will Smith.

September 26, 2011 | Registered CommenterOptimusgene

My prediction is right on track as of now. The numbers for the second episode of season 9 plummeted by 30%. The numbers are still high but the number of viewers went from like 28 million to 20 million. CBS thinks they are still doing good since the numbers are higher than the second episode of season 8, but since this episode was the second part of a two parter I think the big ratings drop is just a glimpse of what's to come.

September 27, 2011 | Registered CommenterMiyavi Yu

This weeks episode of Two and a Half Men lost some more viewers. Last Week's episode had 20.5 million viewers while this week's episode had 17.7 million viewers. That's almost another 3 million viewers that gave up on the show... anyone see a pattern yet?

October 5, 2011 | Registered CommenterMiyavi Yu

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