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Random Ramblings: The Enchantment of the FIFA World Cup According to Me...

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With only a few days before the 2010 FIFA World Cup, one can only wonder why it is that every four years the world becomes obsessed with this sport that we all know by different names. Some of us may call it futbol, other may call it fussball, futebol, le football or soccer as people in the United States and many other English dominated countries, but all in all it is the same sport, same rules everywhere. This marvel of an event is not like the Olympics, although they do have similarities; such as they both happen every four years, but unlike the Olympics this is the one sporting event where people can actually call it a WORLD cup. Countries put their differences aside (or sometimes put monetary wagers on the line) to see which team will better represent their country and come back with the coveted World Cup trophy.

The sport in and of itself is a great one that keeps you in suspense if you're lucky for 90 minutes. As soon as that first whistle blows the action begins with the first team taking the ball into play and the rest is history. But you may be like the millions of people that don't understand why you have to watch 22 men/women play with one ball until someone kicks it into a big box,right? Well let me explain a little bit of the theory that goes into the game. You may not realize it but there is a lot of theory and thought that goes into the game of futbol, whether it is a play that you are trying to run to get the ball down a certain side or get the ball to a specific player to score a goal you have to know what you are doing. There are formations that as a player you learn and you learn how to (1) defend your goal & (2) attack the other teams goals. I won't go into the lineups and formations because I will probably lose a lot of you, but trust me have someone who understands the sport explain it to you one day and you will the how much more you will understand about the game and why certain teams play certain ways.

Some of the more magical elements of the game are just watching players, like David Beckham, Zinedine Zidan, Cuahutemoc Blanco, Landon Donovan move the ball down the field with such ease that you think you can do the same thing. Watching them maneuver the ball and make it spin in weird directions is nothing short of AWESOME and that in itself can make you addicted to the sport. Now girls pay close attention here, not only do some of these men have great moves on the field, but if you've paid close attention you'll see that these guys are also some major hotties! Sorry boys, I had to throw that in there for my girls!

There are many things that make this monthly event worth while even if you don't have a favorite team to root for. Just pay close attention and before you know it you'll be criticizing why a team took out a certain player or why a player decided not to shoot towards the goal instead he dribbled the ball to close and lost it. It's great to be a part of this event, even as a spectator in your living room/office/etc. Have fun and enjoy the month and all of the specials that this sport brings to everyone around us! Celebrate it! Enjoy it! And best of all EAT, LIVE AND BREATHE soccer!

Don't forget to catch the opening ceremony for the FIFA 2010 World Cup this Friday morning. Check your local listings, Shakira will be performing her official FIFA 2010 World Cup Song: Waka, Waka (This Time for Africa).

And if you don't remember anything else, just remember this cheer...

Chiquiti boom a la bimbo ba, Chiquiti boom a la bimbo ba, Mexico, Mexico Ra Ra Ra

Vamos Mexico!

If you would like to purchase the official world cup song you can purchase it at

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